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www.chessbg.com – official page of Bulgarian Chess Federation

www.fide.com - official page of World Chess Federation

www.eurochess.org - official page of European Chess Union

www.chess-players.org - official page of Association of Chess Profesionals

www.bcbo.org - official page of Bulgarian Chess-Boxing Oganization

www.newinchess.com - the best chess magazine, database, bookstore

www.chessbase.com - news, software, interesting and detailed information

www.chesspro.ru – one of the best Slavic chess sites

www.e3e5.com – various, informative and instructive Russian site

www.64.ru – internet edition of "Chess Observer" (“Shahmatnoe obozrenie”) – Russian magazine

www.chessgames.com – a place where you can play, communicate and learn a lot

www.penelopa.pl - nice polish chess web

www.chess.com.mk Macedonian chess web

www.memphischess.com Memphis Chess Club (USA)

www.argedrez.com.ar/English.asp Argentinian chess web

www.chess-theory.com - very interesting site

www.chess.mcx4.com - about very interesting chess game for 2-4 players

www.chess-stars.com - enjoying a good name publishing for chess books

www.paulocoelho.com/ - official site of Paulo Coelho

http://www.choice-rent.com - your rent a car in Sofia