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Main subject of activity of “Art Sport Talent”:


1. The main subject of activity of the foundation is: organization of schools, courses and competitions, publishing and distributions of materials, fund raising, accomplishment of analysis and explorations, realization of projects, organization of symposiums, seminars, conferences and other national and international events that aim to identify and help talents, develop and popularize sport, art and culture, as well as healthy and natural way of living.

2. As a secondary, connected to the main, activity the foundation will execute the following economic activity: building and management of sport and cultural facilities; initiation and participation in limited and public limited companies to secure the achieving of foundation's goals; acting as negotiator, commissioner and professional trainer: consultancy on management and development of activities, connected to the main one; media presence (TV, radio, newspapers, magazines); exploration activity; advertising and publishing activity and any economic activity, that is not prohibited by law and is connected to the aims and subject of the foundation.

* When doing economic activity the foundation does not distribute any earnings.